Twitter users now no longer see replies from blocked or muted users in notifications

Twitter app photo

Twitter has long been plagued by harassment and online abuse running amuck on its platform.

Shortly after declaring that it would seriously address this concern, Twitter announced that users will now no longer be notified of replies from conversations started by people they’ve blocked or muted.

This action is an example of the steps Twitter is taking to curb abusive conversations on its platform. With this tweak, users will not see these messages unless they follow one of the senders.

Under the previous system, users did not not see replies from people they’ve directly blocked or muted, but were still privy to the ongoing conversation through responses from other users.

Twitter has often committed to address complaints of abuse made by users, though it appears the platform is still working towards moving forward with solving that problem. The company has already rolled back one change after complaints were made that it made it harder for targets to identify and stop their digital abusers.

Twitter released its earnings report this past month, which revealed lower than expected earnings for the final quarter of 2016.

Via: The Verge