This ballpoint pen doubles as an up to 1,000mAh battery charger

chargewrite pen in between book pages

In case you were wondering what pen James Bond might use in his off-time, search no further. The ChargeWrite pen currently being funded on Indiegogo is certainly one of the most feature-packed, futuristic ballpoint pens you’re likely to come across.

ChargeWrite is a powerbank pen with a “universal smartphone tip” that allows it to plug into both iPhone lightning ports and any MicroUSB device, powering your selected device with either 650mAh or 1,000mAh of juice, depending on the model. The ChargeWrite+ model also contains a 16GB flash memory drive and both versions can act as a screen cleaner and stylus.

So far, the gadget that calls itself “the world’s coolest pen” has met with success, outstripping its modest $10,000 USD goal by over 400 percent — it’s now at over $43,000 with about a month left in the campaign.

Part of the appeal may be that the device is already in production, unlike most crowdfunding projects. The company behind the gadget — which appears to be based out of Montreal — says its first 1,000 shipments are ready to ship immediately, though judging by early interest, the company’s going to need to ramp up production significantly.

If you’d like to jump on the early adopter boat, the basic ChargeWrite pen is $29 USD plus shipping while the ChargeWrite+ is $39 USD plus shipping. Both have an estimated delivery date of May 2017.