Anyone in the United States can now order Snapchat Spectacles online

Snapchat Spectacles

Late last year, Snap stated it planned to “to significantly broaden the distribution” of Spectacles in 2017.

Today, the company went one step closer to Canadians being able to purchase the sought after smart glasses. While not officially available to those located north of the U.S. border, Snap has opened up online orders for Spectacles across the United States. So, if you’re interested wearing a pair of these gems, now is the time to reconnect with a friend in the south.

The cost is $129 USD (includes charging case and cable) and the wearable manufacturer says delivery is set for two to four weeks. In addition, Snap states there is a limit of six Spectacles per household.

This is the closest Spectacles has arrived in Canada as the company has been dropping its vending machines across the United States in various locations and recently opened up a full store in New York City.


Spectacles main feature is a “circular video format” that captures 10 seconds in 115-degree angles that play back full screen — in portrait or landscape — on a smartphone display.

Source: Snap