LG talks industrial design in its latest G6 sneak peek

Leaked LG G6 photo

LG continues to trickle out details about its 2017 flagship smartphone, the G6, even as unofficial leaks threaten to spoil any remaining surprises LG may have up its sleeve.

In its latest sneak peek, the company gave Torsten Valeur, the president of David Lewis Designers, an industrial design firm based out of Copenhagen, Denmark that has won multiple prestigious iF Design and Good Design Awards, a chance to play with the unreleased phone. LG then interviewed Valeur, asking him what he thought of the G6’s industrial design. Unsurprisingly, the designer sings the smartphone’s praises, noting, among other things, how easy it is to operate the handset in one hand.

“I believe that when you take it out and hold it in your hand, turn it around, look at it, play with it, you should be pleased by all the care and diligence that has been put into all the details,” he says.

Unfortunately, the G6 doesn’t make an appearance during the video, but LG does take some time to describe the smartphone.

“The LG G6 exhibits minimalistic design elements and is perfectly smooth to the touch,” says the company in the press release accompanying the interview. “The metal frame that wraps around the perimeter of the phone imparts solidity of style with a soft matt finish. The back is perfectly flat with no camera bump to avoid or protect.”

LG’s description of the G6 more or less aligns with what we’ve seen from leaked images of the handset.

Watch the entire video interview below.

LG will officially unveil the G6 on Sunday, February 26th at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. As always, MobileSyrup will be at the event to bring you the latest news and announcements.

Past sneak peeks have seen LG talk about the G6’s dual camera setup, as well as its QHD+ display.