Instagram’s multi-photo sharing option is now available to all

Instagram app

Instagram users will soon be able to share multiple photos and videos in one post, the social media giant announced today.

Instead of having to choose one specific photo to upload, users will be able to combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and swipe through to see them all.

Instagram multi-photo post
Instagram says this offers a variety of uses, such as making step-by-step tutorials or sharing a collection of vacation photos.

To use this feature, people can tap the upload button as usual and select the new icon to upload multiple photos and videos.The post can be edited, with the option to filter everything at once or edit individual photos or videos. Tapping and holding the screen will change the order of the media or remove a specific photo or video from the selection.

Any captions and location tags, as well as likes and comments, will apply to the entire post. Users’ friends can be tagged in individual photos and videos.

Multi-photo and video posts will be marked with blue dots on the bottom of them, indicating that they can swiped back and forth to be viewed entirely.

No specific release timing was given, but Instagram says this new feature will be rolling out to everyone “in the coming days.”

Instagram can be downloaded on iOS and Android.