Jaguar launches in-car payments feature in partnership with Shell

Jaguar Driving - Jaguar launches in car payments

Jaguar recently announced a partnership with Shell to launch in-car payments with both Apple Pay and PayPal, with Android Pay soon to follow.

The feature is coming to the UK first, but will roll out around the world following the launch. The feature will reportedly allow drivers to pay for gas within their vehicles.

Drivers must download the Shell app on their smartphones to make payments through this feature. However, the system will show up on the Jaguar’s in-car infotainment touchscreen display once installed.

You can then pay using PayPal or Apple Pay credentials. The app lets drivers select how much gas they want, pre-pay for their fuel, and shows a receipt of the payment on the display itself.

The app then forwards a copy of your receipt to your email address.

Source: TechCrunch