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Toronto City Councillor and ‘6Dad’ Norm Kelly is fighting with Netflix Canada on Twitter

Netflix sign

Toronto’s social media super star City Councillor, the 6Dad, also known as Norm Kelly, shot to stardom during the height of Toronto-born rapper Drake’s beef with Meek Mill back during the summer of 2015.

Now the Ward 40 representative is once again avoiding his political responsibilities and picking a fight with a new social media enemy: streaming service Netflix.

Kelly first tweeted that he feels he spends “more time searching for something than watching,” when he’s using Netflix.

Netflix then fired back, reminding the 6Dad that it offers specially tailored recommendations for every user.

Kelly then continued the battle with other Twitter users.

Netflix also capitalized on the opportunity promote some of its 2017 content offerings, placing an emphasis on its originals

Finally, and perhaps this is the funniest part of the entire ridiculous saga, Netflix Canada eventually changed its official bio to read “@Norm Kelly’s fav search engine.”

Netflix Norm Kelly screenshot
Source: Twitter