Cineplex Entertainment encourages password changes following thefts on popular websites

Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne VIP - Cineplex Entertainment urges users to change passwords

Cineplex Entertainment is encouraging Cineplex Connect users to update their account information following a number of reported thefts on popular web sites.

Signing up with the free service allows moviegoers to purchase tickets and digital movies, connect to their SCENE membership and more. Credit card, address and social media account information are some details that can be saved in Cineplex Connect.

In regards to the compromised websites, “a large volume of private user information, such as e-mail addresses and passwords, has been exposed,” Cineplex warns. To update their information, the company says users can enter login details here, click the security tab and then follow the subsequent given directions.

Cineplex warning e-mail
Cineplex’s warning follows news that CloudFlare, a multibillion-dollar startup that runs a popular content delivery network used by upwards of 5.5 million sites, suffered from a security problem that compromised secure information. Cineplex says that it does not use CloudFlare for its online services.

As of now, it’s unclear exactly how many sites may have been affected, although it’s been reported that Google, Yahoo and Bing had inadvertently stored the leaked information into their caches. CloudFlare says it has since found the source of the problem and fixed it.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons