Get lit in ‘Lit the Torch’ [Game of the Week]

Screenshot of Lit the Torch for iOS

It’s rare platformers make our Game of the Week list, mainly because creating a competent sidescroller for a mobile device is a nearly impossible task, though some developers have been able to make it work to some extent.

The level of accuracy a touchscreen offers just can’t compare to a physical controller and likely never will.

Beijing Corn Network Technology Co’s (yes, that really is the developer’s full name) Lit the Touch, however, is a clever 2D sidescroller with decent controls and a ‘upside down world’ mechanic that keeps the game interesting.

Lit the Torch gif
Here’s how it works: there’s an on-screen button that opens a virtual on-screen hole or window that shows the world from a different perspective, including hidden pieces of scenery and key items like torches and platforms.

The game also features standard platforming elements like jumping between ledges and simple puzzles that often involve pulling levers or moving other object in the environment around.
Lit the Torch screenshot

Visually, Lit the Torch shares a lot of similarities with Ubisoft’s calming, mysterious RPG Child of Light, making it stand out from the wash of pixel art inspired titles in Apple’s App Store. I found it refreshing to see a mobile game adopt a clean, modern art style for a change.

It’s worth noting that Lit the Torch’s controls are sometimes on the fiddly side, with the game’s main character not always moving in the direction I wanted. Compared to some mobile platformers however, the title’s controls are solid.

Lit the Torch is available on iOS for $0.99 CAD.