Leaks show Samsung Galaxy S8 might have customizable navigation buttons

Galaxy S8 customizable navigation

As the March 29th launch date draws closer, the torrent of Samsung Galaxy S8s only grows stronger.

Most recently, there have been videos from MobileFun and Slashleaks, along with a library of photos. Among those photos, Android Police and its avid readership managed to find an interesting tidbit: it appears the order of the navigation buttons (which, according to the leaks, will no longer be physical) can be customized.

This leaked picture of two Galaxy S8s, below, clearly shows two different configurations for the home button, back button and app switch button.

Here’s a rotated section showing the upside down handset’s configuration more clearly.

galaxy s8 leak

This isn’t a exactly a new tactic — for instance, LG has often allowed highly customizable setups — but for Samsung it’s a change and it will be interesting to see at release just how much customization will be available.

Will users just be able to switch between the stock Android configuration of back-home-app switch and the Samsung configuration of app switch-home-back, or will there be further options?

Samsung fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

Source: Slashleaks, Android Police