Office Space: Inside PayPal Canada’s new office at MaRS Discovery District

PayPal Canada Wild North flowers

PayPal Canada recently opened a new office inside the MaRS Discovery District alongside other major tech firms such as Facebook, Airbnb, Etsy and Kik. To commemorate the opening, the payments corporation held an open house for media to get a first glimpse at the new space.

“We’ve been talking about how a space like this creates innovation, how a space like this creates collaboration to think differently about that space,” said Paul Parisi, the General Manager of PayPal Canada.

Looking around the newly minted office, it’s clear that it embodies all the latest trends in startup spaces. Some of these trends include the open-concept, co-working style, graffiti on the walls, and bicycles that are available for employee use.

Several startups have set up shop around the office to help feed visiting media, and PayPal has even hired a pop up flower shop where visitors can create their own bouquet arrangements.

Check out our photographs of PayPal’s new office space above.