Amazon Prime One-Day continues its Canadian expansion into Montréal

Stack of Amazon prime one-day shipping boxes

While Toronto and Vancouver have had the pleasure of receiving Amazon Prime deliveries via the company’s one-day delivery program since September 2016, other parts of Canada have been left in the dark.

Until today that is, as Amazon has announced it’s expanding its Prime One-Day service to users in Montréal. The qualifier is that customers need to be a Prime member and that orders need to be over $25 CAD.

Amazon began its one-day delivery service in the United States back in October of 2009, but the rollout in Canada has been much slower than it was in the U.S. It’s likely that this is at least in part due to the geographical distribution of Canada, with much of the country’s population living outside of major cities.

Enjoy the service Montréal, hopefully we see some more Canadian cities come online in the future.

Image credit: Andrew Mager, Flikr

Source: Amazon Canada