Amazon Web Services outage wreaks havoc on the internet

Amazon Building - amazon aws

If you’ve been noticing that the internet seems a bit wonky today, it’s because of Amazon.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 is undergoing widespread outages affecting millions of websites, apps and devices for which it offers hosting services.

Those affected include Quora, file-sharing in Slack, (the parent company of popular tech site The Verge, which relies on the service for image hosting) and Nest, which has the entire backend of its app hosted on AWS S3. Issues began to arise around 12:35pm EST.

AWS’ ‘Health Service Dashboard’ posted a notice at 2:35pm EST that the service is experiencing “high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1.” At 3:52pm EST the Health Service Dashboard updated: “We are seeing recovery for S3 object retrievals, listing and deletions. We continue to work on recovery for adding new objects to S3 and expect to start seeing improved error rates within the hour.”

According to SimilarTech, AWS 3 is used by 148,213 websites and 121,761 unique domains.

Via: TechCrunch