The next iPhone will feature a USB-C port, according to The WSJ

iPhone 7 Lightning port

A new rumour suggests the next iPhone will not include Apple’s proprietary Lightning port and will instead feature an industry standard USB-C connector for charging and data transfers.

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” this wild rumour comes courtesy of The Wall Street Journal‘s Takashi Mocizuki. The potential decision to drop one of its own port standards would be nearly unprecedented for Apple, but it would make a lot of sense given the company’s current port situation. New MacBook and MacBook Pro owners cannot charge the iPhone 7 without first purchasing a new USB-C to Lightning cable. A USB-C iPhone would allow MacBook owners to use their to charge their iPhone without buying an additional cable.

The rest of The Wall Street Journal’s report is less revelatory, repeating many of the rumours we’ve heard before. Specifically, the publication says Apple will release three iPhone models in 2017, one of which will feature a curved OLED display manufactured by Samsung. Earlier this year, Apple ordered 60 million OLED panels from Samsung.

Correction: an earlier version of this article mistakenly stated Apple had ordered 60,000 OLED panels from Samsung.

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