OpenSignal launches new speed test app called Meteor


OpenSignal, the publisher of multiple annual reports about the speed of networks around the world, recently launched an app to help users understand what that speed is good for.

Meteor is a speed test app that lets users know which apps will work well for them at their current speed, and which they should save until later. Meteor was built by the same people who started OpenSignal.

OpenSignal is an organization that provides resources and insight into the state of mobile operators around the world.

OpenSignal data is crowdsourced by the users of the organization’s main app, which monitors the coverage and performance of its users network connection. Over 20 million users contribute network information in this capacity, and Meteor collects information for this same dataset.

The app will launch on March 1, 2017, though appears to only be available on the Android Google Play Store.

Source: OpenSignal