Virtual Rabbids and three other games set to launch on Google’s Daydream

Daydream view photograph

At GDC 2017 in San Francisco, Google revealed a collection of upcoming games set to hit its Daydream virtual reality platform.

The most notable title is a VR entry in Ubisoft’s Rabbids franchise, though details on the game are scarce right now. Beartopia, a new Daydream title developed by a studio called Spry Fox, is also set to hit the virtual reality headset. The game is described as a “co-op” village games where players “form friendships and build a prosperous society.” Google says Beartopia is Spry Fox’s first foray into virtual reality.

Developer Turbo Button also announced a new title called Along Together, a game that focuses on an imaginary friend and solving puzzles with the Daydream View’s motion controller. Another indie development studio, Tender Claws, plans to release a game where players try on different virtual reality headsets in order to find a “suitable artificial intelligence client match.”

Finally, Google also revealed that Need for Speed No Limits VR, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Gunjack 2 end of Shift, are all coming to Daydream on March 1st.

While games actually worth playing was an issue for Daydream View at launch, the VR platform’s library of titles and experiences has steadily expanded since its launch a few months ago.

Source: Google