Twitter issues update to its ongoing safety initiative aimed at preventing harassment

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Twitter will now let users mute specific words from their timelines, in addition to other new anti-harassment measures.

Users will now be able to mute ‘eggs,’ or accounts that still use the default egg avatar. Twitter will also communicate to afflicted users who’ve reported harassment incidents how it will go about dealing with these cases.

Lastly, Twitter says it will be more proactive about identifying accounts that engage in abusive behaviour even if the behaviour hasn’t been reported.

Along with these updates, the social media network released a post on its official blog, which included a brief overview of the features it’s already implemented.

MobileSyrup reached out to Twitter Canada for a comment on these updates.

“Twitter is best when it taps into the real-time sharing of news, information and opinion. Today’s updates will enhance the experience for Canadians who come to Twitter to find out what’s happening,” said Jennifer Hollett, head of news and government at Twitter Canada, in a statement.

“We welcome a wide range of insights and points of view on our service but also recognize that all people of Twitter should have the ability to interact in a safe, productive manner. We will continue to improve the Twitter experience in the area of user safety for Canadians and people on Twitter from across the globe,” she continued.

The last few weeks have seen numerous updates to the platform’s safety procedures including updating how users can report abusive tweets, preventing the creation of abusive accounts, implementing safer search results, collapsing abusive or low quality tweets and reducing notifications from conversations started by people users have blocked or muted.

Source: Twitter