Amazon to reportedly reveal Alexa-powered devices that can make phone calls in 2017

amazon alexa photo

Amazon is reportedly planning to unveil one or more Alexa-powered devices that can make phone calls later this year.

Sources say this technology would be powered by the intelligent personal assistant and allow users to communicate through Alexa-supported devices, serving as a sort of intercom system.

These sources say that Amazon was beta testing the new hardware last month, with an official announcement expected “in the coming months.” As of now, it’s unclear if these devices would be another model of speaker or some different kind of tech.

Alexa was made popular by Amazon’s Echo speaker system, allowing for voice commands to play content such as music, audio books and podcasts, as well as other providing information in areas like weather and sports.

This follows a February report from The Wall Street Journal that said Amazon and Google were considering adding phone-like functionality to speaker devices.

Source: Recode