Freedom offering $100 credit on LTE plan to select upgrade customers

freedom mobile store - freedom lte plan

Freedom Mobile is sending out emails to select customers offering a $100 CAD bill credit for those who switch to its $45 LTE plan, along with the promotion of a $0 upgrade to the ZTE Grand X 4 (one of the two LTE phones offered by the carrier).

The email, shared with MobileSyrup by a Freedom Mobile customer, offers the company’s $45 LTE plan for $35 for 10 months (an overall credit of $100) — the same deal that was widely advertised in January. That deal is stacked with a corresponding double-data promotion that provides plan subscribers with 6GB of data on Freedom’s ‘Home’ network until January 31st, 2018, at which point the bonus 3GB falls off. The plan also includes unlimited Canada/U.S. calling and global texting.

The second part of the promotion is the ZTE Grand X 4, which is offered with a promo code for $0 down. It should be noted that the device is $0 down with a $5 MyBoost or with the activation of a plan that costs $45 or more.

It’s unclear whether customers need to upgrade to the ZTE Grand X 4 specifically to receive the $100 credit, though that does not seem to be the indication in the fine print. MobileSyrup has reached out to the carrier for confirmation.

The promotional period is also unspecified, with the company stating only that it’s available for a “limited time.”

Update March 3rd – Freedom Mobile has informed MobileSyrup there are two offers:

“1) Upgrade to a $45 LTE plan — eligible customers who upgrade to the $45 LTE plan can get the ZTE Grand X 4 for $0 and get up to $100 in service credits.

2) An invitation to return to Freedom Mobile — all plans $45 and over will be available for $35 for ten months. 6GB permanent data with the Smartphone 45 LTE plan and the $0 ZTE Grand X 4 on MyTab (the bonus 3GB is permanent).”

Thanks D.K.!