Google may still release an affordable Pixel 2, but don’t expect it to come to Canada

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The dream of a more affordable Pixel may not be dead, though it seems unlikely such a device will ever come to Canada, according to the latest rumour from 9to5Google.

In January, 9to5Google‘s Stephen Hall published a report that stated Google planned to release two Pixel devices in 2017. One device, the Pixel 2, would have been the successor to the current Pixel and Pixel XL and would have potentially added features like waterproofing. The other device, codenamed “Pixel 2B,” would have been a mid-range take on Google’s flagship Android smartphone.

However, comments by Google’s Rick Osterloh, made during a closed doors meeting with select members of the tech media, suggested Google no longer planned to release a less expensive Pixel variant. When asked about the possibility of a mid-range Pixel, Osterlod said, “Pixel stays premium.” He also confirmed the company plans to release a new Pixel smartphone later this year.

Following Osterloh’s comments, the source 9to5Google spoke to in its original article contacted the publication to provide further context on the information they provided back in January.

“You should interpret “Budget Pixel” as a device that is being developed by the same team working on the Pixel 2, that is aimed at being released in emerging markets,” said the source. “This could mean Android One, this could mean something entirely different. My knowledge of this device is that: a.) it’s being developed alongside the Pixel 2 and b.) will not be sold in the US (assuming that it leaves the prototype stages).”

Based on those comments, it seems Canadian consumers will only have one high-end option when it comes the Pixel 2. In any case, we’ll likely learn more about Google’s 2017 smartphone plans in the weeks and months to come.