Facebook is launching a dedicated Gear VR video app


Facebook says it’s launching its own 360-degree video app for Samsung’s smartphone-powered Gear VR, marking the release of the first Facebook social-focused virtual reality app from the company.

The app, however, isn’t the full version of the social network. Instead, it displays 360-degree photos and videos from your feed and timeline and acts as a general feed for media companies and select Facebook users. Any content saved in the desktop or mobile version of Facebook is also browseable within the app.

Facebook owns Oculus, which co-created the Gear VR as a low-cost virtual reality solution through a partnership with Samsung.

Facebook 360-degree photos have been available in the Gear VR’s video app for awhile now, though the release of this dedicated Facebook Gear VR video app is the  first instance where Oculus has released something close to the full version of Facebook, but designed with virtual reality in mind.

While Facebook has largely left Oculus to operate as an independent company following its acquisition of the virtual reality headset manufacturer, it’s believed that in the future it has plans to more tightly integrate virtual reality into the social media platform.

It’s unclear when Facebook plans to release its new Gear VR virtual reality app.

Via: Engadget