BlackBerry responds to the CIA listing its QNX software as a potential hacking target

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BlackBerry chief operating officer Marty Beard has responded to Wikileaks documents that reveal the CIA investigated the company’s automotive QNX software as a potential hacking target in a blog post that aims to reassure consumers of QNX’s security.

“First off, let me say that we are not currently aware of any attacks or exploits against BlackBerry products or services, including QNX,” writes Beard. “Still, the news is a bit frightening, now that we are in the semi-autonomous driving age and evolving towards fully self-driving cars. The notion that someday a car could be hacked and used to carry out a nearly undetectable assassination doesn’t seem all that far-fetched.”

In mentioning the idea of a “undetectable assassination,” the post links to a Washington Post article that quotes WikiLeaks’ assertion that the tech might be used for such purposes — though it is also made clear by WikiLeaks that “the purpose of such control is not specified.”

The blog post further goes on to describe BlackBerry’s QNX and outline its security features, informing readers that it has created a “truly rootless system.” In most standard operating systems, says BlackBerry, if an attacker gains root access, “they can do anything,” but in its OS model, systems can be constructed in which no single process is running as root.

After further describing the QNX Software Development Platform SDP 7.0’s “multi-layered approach to security,” Beard concludes: “By tapping into BlackBerry’s security expertise and making use of BlackBerry QNX, automakers can help ensure that a car can’t be hacked and turned into a weapon, as well as keep drivers connected and protected, both on the road and off.”

BlackBerry’s automotive tech has become a core part of its strategic plan, including its intention to eventually move away from hardware altogether.

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Source: Inside BlackBerry