Canadians can now purchase Home from the American Google Store, but can only ship to the U.S.

Google Home on smartphone

Google Store customers can now purchase products from countries that are not their primary residence.

As long as shoppers provide a valid address in that country, the store’s region selector page allows users to browse products and get them delivered to a specific country.

For instance, users can browse the U.S. Google Store from Canada, purchase a Google Home and have it delivered to their family in the United States.

Google Store Country Selector

This feature could prove extremely useful when trying to send a package or present to someone across the world, or when using a forwarding service that isn’t available in your home country yet. Canadians interested in purchasing Google Home, for example, which still hasn’t officially launched in Canada, can also now purchase the voice-activated assistant, and then get it shipped to their Canadian address via a reshipping service like Reship or MyUs.

Furthermore, shoppers can use debit cards and credit cards from their own country to purchase goods from another region and track the package from their Google accounts.

Source: Google Store

Via: Android Central