Google’s campus expansion plans reveal a space age new look

top of roof with multiple waves - google's campus expansion

Mountain View, California has approved Google’s plans for a campus expansion, and the images reveal a daring, futuristic look for the tech company, which previously played it safe with complexes of fairly standard-looking office buildings.

It seems the tech giant has been spurred into a competition to reach new aesthetic heights by Apple, which is set to open its circular, spaceship-like ‘Apple Park’ in April 2017, and Facebook, which debuted its Frank Gehry-designed headquarters in 2015.

The 18.6-acre expansion includes a 595,000-square-foot building known as “Google Charleston East” which is described as a cluster of buildings underneath one “tent-like canopy” by the Mountain View Voice.

Check out renders of the new campus below.

google campus 2
google campus 3
google campus 4
google campus 5
google campus 6
google campus 7
google campus 8
google campus mlem
google campus

Source: Mountain View Voice 

Via: Curbed San Francisco