Relax with ‘Float,’ a game of timing and finesse [Game of the Week]

Float iOS smartphone game

Often iOS App Store descriptions of apps and games don’t accurately reflect what a game is about or even how it plays.

In the case of GalacticThumb’s, Float, which is also behind other simply named games like Stick Rush and Sliding down, the description describes the game perfectly.

“Float is a beautifully crafted game that offers calming and meditative yet challenging gameplay,” reads the game’s App Store synopsis.

gif of Float.

In Float, players tap around the screen to guide their flower lily pad through a variety of obstacles. The closer the player taps towards the flower, the more power it moves with, sending the fauna across a longer distance. The game also features relaxing sounds, simplistic visuals and eight stages.

As expected, levels become increasingly difficult as the game moves forward, with obstacles like rocks and moving pieces of wood getting in the players way. The faster you tap the screen as well, the quicker the flower moves. In fact, in later levels, it’s actually easier to dodge obstacles when the lily is moving quickly rather than slowly.

Float screenshot

In a rare move, the game also features haptic feedback when playing on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, adding another level of interaction to the game.

Float is available in the iOS App Store for $2.79 CAD.