New Humble Mobile Bundle offers nearly $50 worth of strategy games for $5 USD

age of civilizations country map - humble mobile bundle best of strategy

For $5 USD or more Humble bundle customers can now get $48.99 CAD worth of mobile strategy games.

As always with Humble Bundles, there are escalating pricing tiers that allow customers to receive more games the higher price they pay.

$1 USD tier (about $1.35 CAD)

$3 USD tier (about $4 CAD)

$5 USD tier (about $6.75 CAD)

On top of the savings, there are some added bonuses for customers. Those who pay $3 USD or more get a copy of the soundtracks for the included Anomaly and Kingdom Rush games.

In customary Humble Bundle style, buyers can choose how much of their payment goes towards the developers, Humble and charity (Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity), adding incentive to the purchase.

Those interested have until March 27th to buy the bundle.

Source: Humble Bundle