iRobot adds new ‘Clean Map’ performance tracking feature to Roomba app

Roomba 900

iRobot, the company behind the Roomba robot vacuums, has launched a new ‘Clean Map’ feature that shows users of the robot vacuum where the automated device has cleaned in their home.

The app also now displays what areas of your home have more dirt and specific locations the Roomba has missed. The new Clean Map reports are available in the app’s history tab.

Dyson’s 36o Eye vacuum has featured similar functionality within its mobile app since the device launched earlier this year.


Unfortunately for robot vacuum fans, the Amazon Alexa skill integration coming to iRobot’s 900 series vacuums in the U.S., isn’t coming to Canada. The functionality lets Roomba users say audible commands like “Alexa, ask Roomba to begin cleaning,” to activate the vacuum. Voice commands can also be used stop and pause cleaning jobs.

iRobot’s chairman and CEO Colin Angle stated that while the company’s work has largely focused on the Roomba so far, the manufacturer has plans to expand further into the smart home space.

“These are exciting next steps towards our vision of an ecosystem of home robots that work collaboratively and further enable the smart home,” said Angle.

iRobot’s other competitors in the robot vacuum space, Neato and Samsung, rolled out similar Alexa voice-activated functionality last year.

The Roomba app is available on iOS and Android.