Second Android 7.1.2 beta adds support for ‘Swipe for notification’ gesture to Nexus 6P

Back of Google Nexus 6P smartphone

Back at the beginning of February, Google started rolling out Android 7.1.2. Billed as an “incremental maintenance release,” the update didn’t include many new features.

On the Nexus 5X, however, 7.1.2 added a gesture called “Swipe for notifications.” When enabled, the gesture allows Nexus 5X owners to check their notifications by swiping down on their smartphone’s fingerprint sensor.  Before 7.1.2, this ‘move’ was exclusive to the Pixel and Pixel XL.

For whatever reason, Google did not add this feature to the Nexus 6P with the launch of 7.1.2. However, now that the second 7.1.2 beta is out to developers, the company has remedied the situation. Once they’ve updated their phone, Nexus 6P users can enable the gesture by turning on the relevant toggle in the Moves section of the settings menu.

If you’re enrolled in the Android developer preview, check out the gesture and tell us how it works for you.

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