Carleton University students urged to change passwords after hacking tools discovered


Carleton University students are encouraged to change their passwords after key-logging devices were found in six university computers across three buildings.

Keystroke loggers capture information typed into a computer, and can therefore record usernames and passwords used to log into various platforms. Keystroke loggers are especially hard to detect because they are pieces of hardware rather than malicious software.

In response to the incident, Carleton university staff will inspect computers every morning and throughout the day in addition to taking other actions to improve campus security.

Carleton claims that the university is unaware if any personal information obtained through these devices, though went on to say in a memo to staff that the computers don’t store any personal or university information.

The university also encouraged students who used university computers to log onto external accounts such as Google or Dropbox to change the passwords for those accounts as well.

Carleton University was previously victim to a cybersecurity threat this past November.

Source: Yahoo News