Twitter starts selling pre-roll ads on Periscope

twitter periscope

In an effort to increase revenue, Twitter has decided to monetize its live-streaming service Periscope.

The ads, which are powered by Twitter’s Amplify platform, will not be a traditional banner and instead will opt for pre-roll video that will run ahead of any live Periscope content. These ads will also run through videos that are no longer live on Twitter.

“Canadians have a massive appetite for online video and our latest Periscope news will allow partners and brands another chance to connect with these huge audiences via our Amplify program,” says Rory Capern, managing director of Twitter Canada.

“On average, Canadians watch 5.1 more hours of video per month than their American counterparts. As that audience evolves, we recognize the importance of growing our video product options to service demand with video ad products. Today’s Periscope news will give yet another choice to our top Canadian partners.”

Twitter now offers brand advertisers promoted tweets, moment takeovers and ads within Periscope video. In addition, another way for Twitter to earn money from its 319 million users is that the company is reportedly considering a paid subscription tier for its popular curation platform, Tweetdeck.

Source: Twitter