Here are the Samsung Galaxy S8 cases you can buy right now

Galaxy S8 cases

While Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones won’t arrive in Canada until April 21st, you can already buy cases for both upcoming devices.

If you intend to buy an S8 or S8+, is already offering an assortment of cases. Buying the case will give you an indication of almost the exact dimensions of the phone before owning it. Some of the cases hide the slimness of the S8 for protection, while others provide a place for your credit card under the camera and fingerprint scanner.

Manufacturers such as LifeProof or OtterBox aren’t among the list of manufacturers selling cases currently, so anyone loyal to either of those two high-end brands will still have to wait.

If you’re looking for a new case now, just head over and search for Galaxy S8 cases. Note that prices range from $5 CAD to $60 CAD

Spigen and many other case brands such as Peyou and Obliq also have a variety cases for the S8.

Spigen’s see-through cases start at $15.99 and allow owners to see the back colour of their either ‘Black Sky’, ‘Orchid Grey,’ ‘Arctic Silver’ or ‘Violet Blue’ phone. While they might not offer very much protection, Spigen offers one particular cause that includes a magnetic kick-stand. Case manufacturer Peyou also sells translucent cases starting at $4.99.

Future S8 owners have the option to go for more durable cases such as Spigen’s Liquid Air Armor cases. Spigen promises that this case offers optimum defense and comes with a built-in with what they call Air Cushion Technology.

Anccer cases sell at $17.99 and claim their cases protect from drops and bumps and cushions your S8+ so it will get full protection.

Obliq also sells metal and leather cases for the S8.

For consumers who work in a construction site, or simply klutzy Spigen offers a variety of rugged cases for your S8 or S8 Plus. Spigen’s slim or tough armor sell on Amazon from $29.99 to $59.99 depending on whether you own the Plus or the regular sized S8.

Spigen’s website gives a good description of each of their products and it appears they will deliver to Canada. However, their prices are in USD and says that it ships in 30 business days.

In addition, Samsung is selling cases and acccessories directly on its site. The 5,200Ah battery pack retails for $99 CAD; Galaxy S8 and S8+ Clear Cover case in black and silver is $29; Clear View Stand Cover in black and silver is $89; and the Convertible Wireless Charger is $109.

Source: Amazon Canada