RBC’s MyAdvisor lets you get investing advice no matter where you are

RBC Building - rbc myadvisor

A new digital solution from RBC aims to connect bank clients with investment advisors in real time.

Now, no matter where RBC clients are, they can use the MyAdvisor digital platform to connect with an investment advisor over video, and view savings and investment goals together during the chat.

MyAdvisor comes out of RBC’s Toronto-based innovation lab, which will solicit feedback from pilot participants to shape the final product ahead of a full national launch. 

“This is proving to be a very powerful financial advice experience for our clients, as they manage their financial goals using our digital capabilities and our advisors’ expertise. MyAdvisor demonstrates what being a digitally-enabled relationship bank is all about, combining the convenience of digital access and the personalized advice of our advisors,” said Michael Walker, vice-president and head of mutual funds distribution and RBC financial planning, in a statement. 

RBC plans to launch MyAdvisor across Canada by mid-2017.

Source: RBC