Samsung says S8’s Google Assistant inclusion is ‘all about giving consumers choice’

samsung galaxy s8 google assistant

A war is being waged inside the Samsung Galaxy S8’s curved display, a war of the AIs.

While Samsung’s brand new Bixby voice assistant launches through a specific button on its left-hand side, Google Assistant is the voice AI that launches when you hold down the home button, arguably an easier launching method. While it’s unclear whether the company’s hand was forced by Google when it comes to this inclusion, representatives of the company say they’re not intimidated by the competition.

“Our ambition for Bixby is that it will evolve,” said Mark Childs, chief brand officer at Samsung Canada, noting that Samsung aspires to voice assistant dominance and believes they can create a market-winning product.

As it is, Bixby launches with a visual search feature, Bixby Home screen to the right of the device’s main home screen and 10 native Samsung apps, with third-party integrations coming soon.

Additionally, Samsung Canada training lead Dwayne Rookwood, said of the company, “we’ve always been about giving consumers choice.” In that respect, the built-in voice offerings succeed. Having two built-in voice assistants offers more choice than any other device currently on the market.

Look out for our upcoming review of the Galaxy S8 and its proprietary AI and in the meantime, let us know who you think will win the war of the AIs in the comments below.