Find fun things to do in your city with DoStuff [App of the week]

Have you ever been stuck on a Friday night with nothing to do? With DoStuff, you’ll get instant access to the most popular cultural events in your city.

The app is currently in three Canadian cities: Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. Those who download the app will be able to view a calendar of events and several different genres of entertainment happening on any given day.

DoStuff App Screenshot

The categories include ‘Comedy,’ ‘Arts’ and ‘Culture,’ ‘Film,’ ‘Music,’ ‘DJ/Parties,’ and more. Simply select the kind of entertainment you’d like to partake in, and list of events taking place on the selected day appear in your feed.

For a list of all the events taking place in a certain category, select the Do option on the far left. To see a personalized feed of recommended events, select the Feed option close to the right. Simply select an event to learn more about what it is and who’s putting it on.

DoStuff App Screenshot

Furthermore, users have the option to synch their Facebook profiles to their DoStuff account, which then lets the app prioritize your interests based on your Facebook profile.

The app is owned and operated by DoStuff Media, a outlet who’s city-specific sites try to answer the question, “What are we going to do tonight?”

DoStuff is available on Android and iOS and Android.