Kill zombies in ‘Death Road To Canada’ [Game of the Week]

Death road to canada

Death Road To Canada is perhaps the most appropriate Game of the Week to ever be published on MobileSyrup, though unfortunately the game is only available on the iOS App Store.

As you may have guessed, Death Road To Canada is a zombie survival game where the player and an AI companion are tasked with the goal of travelling from Florida to Canada.

Death Road To Canada

In the game, players move through different trials on an in-game daily basis, such as having your car break down or running into random foes after your hard-earned items or weapons. FTL-like decisions that change the outcome of the game, as well as what areas you can explore, happen between brief, pick-up-and-play segments of hack-and-slash gameplay.

While Death Road to Canada is a mobile game, its controls are far from ideal for touchscreens. The game feels like it was designed for desktop first, which is where it was first released. The controls are necessarily bad, but they don’t feel accurate either. Some sort of on-screen d-pad would have gone a long way towards making navigating your character much easier.

Death Road To Canada screenshot

In Death Road To Canada, each play session is randomized and different from the last, giving the game an ample amount of replayability, something rarely seen in mobile titles.

Even the game’s characters are randomly generated, injecting a level of humour into the game that I found very refreshing (I don’t want to ruin any of the jokes). Also, despite Death Road To Canada featuring deep gameplay, it fits surprisingly well on mobile as a platform, making it easy to jump in and out of the title.

Still, if you’re interested in picking up Death Road To Canada, you’ll need to shell $10.99 in the iOS App Store. The game is also available on desktop via Steam for $16.99. Unfortunately, however, the game likely won’t be making its way to Android anytime soon.

I’ll see you at “Y’all Mart.”