Monitor your furry friend’s comings and goings with the Microchip Pet Door Connect

Microchip automatic Pet Door

Cat and dog owners rejoice, the dream pet door is coming.

SureFlap, a U.K. company that makes innovative pet technology such as feeders, bowls and doors, will soon launch a pet door controlled by an app on your phone. The Microchip Pet Door Connect, set to launch this summer, is a new pet door that’s compatible with RFID-collared pets as well as your smartphone.

The app allows owners to remotely lock or unlock their pet doors from anywhere, set schedule curfew times to make sure their pets stay in at certain times and receive notifications when pets leave the house. The app is even shareable with a pet sitter.

The Microchip Pet Door Connect requires a hub, sold separately, which transmits information from the pet door to your phone and requires to be plugged into your home router via Ethernet port. According to TechCrunch the door and hub will be on sale bundled together in U.K. for £159.99 GBP ( which translates to $267.12 CAD), but normal pricing shows £119.99 GBP ($200.37 CAD) for the door and £49.99 GBP ($83.36 CAD) for the hub.

The pet door requires 4 C batteries and lasts six months to a year depending on how often your pet requires the door open.

Microchip Pet Door Connect allows owners to program the device with their pet’s RFID collar in order to prevent intruder animals from getting in. The company’s website has a full guide explaining how to install the Microchip Pet Door in a door, wall or glass surface.

We don’t currently have Canadian pricing, however, the SureFlap page for the Microchip Pet Door Connect indicates the device will be available in Canada through a simple sign-up form that lists ‘Canada’ as one of the country options.

Signing up through this form will notify you when the product is available.

Source: TechCrunch