Rawdon, Quebec sells more electric cars than anywhere in Canada

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In Rawdon, a town north of Montreal, Bourgeois Chevrolet sells more electric cars than any other dealership in Canada, according to CP24.

The region of Lanaudiere, Quebec has the highest per capita electric car owners in Quebec, while Quebec makes up for nearly half of the electric car sales last year in Canada.

According to CP24, there are several factors that could indicate why Quebec sells the most electric cars in Canada. Reasons such as the moderately cheap price of electricity, the provincial government offers sales rebates, and the fact that automakers have to sell a minimum number of electric of plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

Bourgeois Chevrolet has sold nearly 400 new and used electric vehicles, mostly the Chevrolet Volt (as Chevrolet Bolt sold out), in 2016. CP24 reports that customers come from as far as New Brunswick and British Columbia to purchase their vehicles from Bourgeois Chevrolet. The dealership says its success comes from having a significant number of electric car models on its lot, paying their employees decent salaries instead of commission, giving employees the tools to provide information to customers about electric vehicles and allowing customers to test drive the vehicles for multiple days.

While the Chevrolet Volt is the most sold electric vehicle in Canada, Tesla sold almost 2500 electric vehicles last year, 1466 for the Tesla S and 1032 for the Tesla X, and Nissan Canada sold 1375 Leafs last year, as reported by CP24.

As of January. 2017, the province of Ontario has began giving a $14,000 CAD rebate to buyers of new electric vehicles, $6000 more than the maximum rebate for new electric vehicles in Quebec. Due to this shift CP24 reports that Bourgeois Chevrolet is beginning to lose some of its’ sales, but still hopes they will increase because of a new $4000 rebate for buyers of used electric vehicles.

Source: CP24