Amazon Web Services’ City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge 2017 comes to Canada

Amazon Web Services City on a Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is bringing its City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge to Canada. Amazon wants Canadians to showcase ways technology has been implemented in disruptive markets across the country.

AWS is searching for applicants that show off advancements in sanitation, city planning, street maintenance, disaster preparedness, voting and more, with an emphasis on ideas stemming from regional governments and schools.

According to Amazon, there are three categories to submit ideas in: ‘Partners in Innovation,’ ‘Dream Big’ and Best ‘Practices.’


The Best Practices Award will be granted to a local or regional government, school or district school board, who has deployed an innovated solution to solve a government problem. Amazon will be judging the submissions based on the following:

“a) expansion of citizen services or local government functions currently available based on the implementation of the solution; (b) use and integration of AWS Services; and (c) the significance of the solution to the local community as measured by cost savings and measurable benefits to citizens.”

‘Big Dream’ is awarded to anyone who has a significant, innovative idea they want implemented in their school or city. Amazon says they’re set to be based on the following categories:

(a) soundness of technological solution; (b) plan for implementation; and (c) the likely impact of the solution for the local community.”

The prizes for these two awards will be granted based on school and city size.

  • Large City (over 250,000) $50,000 in AWS Promotional Credits
  • Small/ Medium City (under 250,000) $25,000 in AWS Promotional Credits
  • Large School or District (over 35,000 students) $50,000 in AWS Promotional Credits
  • Small/Medium School or District (under 35,000 students) $25,000 in AWS Promotional Credits

The Partners in Innovation award is set to go to the technology partner that has implemented an innovation solution to figure out a government or teaching and learning related problem. According to Amazon they will be judged on:

(a) uniqueness of the application; (b) number and type of users of the application; (c) applicability and availability of the application to governments of different size and scope and in different regions; and (d) availability on the AWS Marketplace within 2017.

The challenge will be awarded to four different winners for a prize of $25,000 CAD in Amazon Web Services credits.

You can only use Amazon Web Services credits on the Amazon’ website.

Source: Amazon Web Services