Take a VR trip through Drake’s mansion with the help of Opiats’ 360-degree VR film

Drake Manor - VR video game

Toronto-based VR studio Opiats is making VR version of Drake’s new $35 million home being built in Toronto’s ritzy Bridle Path neighborhood, called Drizzy’s Manor. Opiats VR tour of Drake’s mansion will include the entirety of his 21,000 square home, his regulation basketball court, pool, 34-meter driveway and even his kitchen.

Opiats have been using blueprints the studio obtained via public domain and dollhouse renderings, along with the Unreal Engine, to create the virtual reality 360-degree experience. The studio is also including 3D models of people, animated water and animals in the upcoming VR experience.

Drake's mansion vr

“Comprised of over 7,500 objects — the scene is rendered 100 percent in real-time, being dynamically lit, relying on Unreal Engine 4’s Global Illumination system,” reads Opiats’ website.

Drizzy’s Manor is already available as a 360-degree film, currently only on Windows with Linux support “coming soon,” but Opiats would like to make it a legitimate VR video game that will eventually be found on Steam, Oculus Home and Viveport.

Drake's mansion vr

According to Opiats Dizzy’s Manor is just a “test bed” for the company’s significantly more elaborate future virtual reality development plans.

Opiats aims to include gaming features in Drizzy’s Manor, such as playing basketball in the house’s OVO themed courts, flying a drone around the property, working out in the gym and of course, using a hoverboard. The game will also allow users to play darts and pool in the rec room, record tracks in the basement and go into and customize furnishings and materials in the house’s many rooms.

Source: VRScouts