Toronto-based Globacore releases new Lemmings HoloLens demo

Toronto-based Globacore, a design firm focused on creating interactive promotions for brands, seems to be experimenting with Microsoft’s HoloLens.

HoloLems,” an augmented reality re-imagining of retro 2D side-scrolling strategy title Lemmings, a series that seems like it was available on almost every gaming platform imaginable in the mid 90s. In Lemmings, cute little green-haired creatures are guided by the player from the entrance of a stage to its exit. The characters follow their leader at all costs, even if they reach the edge of a cliff, or some other environmental trap. The goal of the game is to create bridges and blockades are created to ensure the majority of lemmings reach the end of the stage.

In HoloLems, however, the player’s entire house is the level. There’s even an infinite amount of stages as long as the player is willing to change locations and redesign the area slightly.

Given HoloLens’ spacial abilities, the headset is able to identify objects in the room and utilize them in the experience. Other HoloLens titles have used this functionality in the past, with Young Conker being one of the more prominent examples. Conker is able to jump over and move around real-world objects in this particular HoloLens title.

It’s unclear of HoloLems is just an elaborate tech demo or a game it plans to eventually release for Microsoft’s HoloLens in the near future. It is, however, one of the most compelling gaming use cases of virtual reality I’ve seen in some time.

Source: Globalcore

Via: Gizmodo