Microsoft officially drops support for Windows Vista today

Windows Vista

Windows Vista, arguably one of Microsoft’s most significant operating system related mistakes, will no longer officially be supported by by the tech giant as of today.

The follow-up to Microsoft’s popular Windows XP operating system, Vista failed to live up to the marketing hype or users expectations when it was originally released back in 2006. The OS featured frustrating alerts that appeared when ever users wanted to make changes, as well as a confusing user interface and strangely translucent overlays Microsoft called “Aero.”

Most notably, however, Vista is remembered for being a RAM hog, so much so that the operating system typically used up between 500MB and 1GB of RAM just sitting there, literally only running system processes. This made using the OS for anything beyond simple tasks, for example gaming or video editing, a frustrating experience.

Windows Vista was eventually replaced by Windows 7 in 2009 and is survived by Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Microsoft’s most recent operating system, Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft