Quebec-based Smartduvet launches orders for temperature controlled blanket

Smartduvet temperature controlled bed

The Longueuil, Quebec-based startup behind Smartduvet, a self-making bed that uses pressurized air to automatically make itself, is following-up that product with a new temperature adjustable comforter called the Smartduvet Breeze.

Users will be able to set their own ideal temperature and bed making time with the Smartduvet Breeze, allowing them to either either heat up or cool their bed ahead of time, according to the company.

The blanket’s inflatable liner also features two separate air channels in order to air condition both sides of the bed. While it’s still unclear, it seems the blanket is capable of temperatures as low as 18.3 degrees and as high as 23.3 degrees. It also has the ability to set individual temperatures on both sides of the bed, so if one person prefers to be warm while sleeping, while their partner wants things a little cooler, each side of the duvet can be set differently.

smartduvet breeze

The Smartduvet Breeze is currently priced at $179 for a single or double and $189 for a Queen. King and King Cal are priced at $199 and $209 respectively.

The estimated delivery date is set for Summer 2017, according to Smartduvet’s website.