Apple Music launches new House of Strombo video series

House of Strombo teaser

Apple today announced its latest Apple Music-related venture, a new 10 part series with George Stroumboulopoulos called House of Strombo.

If you’ve ever listened to The Strombo Show, which airs every Sunday at 8pm ET on CBC Radio 2, then you likely have a good of what to expect. While there’s currently not a segment devoted to Tom Waits, viewers can expect to see Stroumboulopoulos bring in world class talent from Canada and around the world.

The first episode, which is available to watch on YouTube today, sees Stroumboulopoulos host Ottawa’s A Tribe Called Red. The three piece DJ group play a short 30-minute set filled with their most well-known songs.

Interspersed throughout the set are clips of the former Much Music host interviewing the group, asking them about their rise to fame and the ongoing indigenous reconciliation movement.

Apple Music subscribers can watch additional behind-the-scenes video features and interviews on the company’s music streaming platform.