Rogers’ new CEO Joe Natale says core focuses are culture, customers and growth

rogers 2017 agm

Joe Natale is officially the new president and CEO of Rogers.

During Rogers Communications Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Shareholders on April 19th, Natale outlined the four key areas he has focused on throughout his career — including his previous position as Telus president and CEO — and that he will bring with him in his new role: culture, customers, growth and social responsibility.

“I have an overarching belief that everything starts and ends with culture. It’s the foundation for sustainable success, especially in a fast-paced industry like ours,” said Natale, adding that he wants to to create an environment where people can “thrive professionally and personally.”

As for customer experience, one of the main areas of work focused on by his predecessor Guy Laurence, Natale noted that he was impressed with the progress made but that “there’s definitely more to do.”

“I have an overarching belief that everything starts and ends with culture.”

In his operational and financial agenda, Natale noted that growth was central to his financial and operational agenda, and that the company would look to leverage innovation and investment in that respect.

Finally, Natale said it was important to him that Rogers maintain its “history of giving,” established by Ted Rogers.

“Overall, I believe that building the right culture will drive an unassailable focus on the customer, and that in turn will deliver sustained growth and value creation,” concluded Natale, noting that since he was only 11 hours into the job, he wouldn’t be debuting any further plans.

Rogers announced its Q1 2017 results earlier this week, indicating that total revenue has jumped three percent to $3.338 billion CAD. Wireless revenues in the quarter also spiked by four percent over the same period last year to $1.968 billion.

The total number of subscribers is now 10,292,000 (8,617,000 postpaid and 1,675,000 prepaid), which is up 18,000 from Q4 2016.