Blizzard’s almost 20-year-old masterpiece StarCraft is now free

StarCraft, one of the greatest games ever released, is now free to own.

Blizzard announced the news earlier today when it released the first StarCraft patch in eight years. The update makes the almost two decades old game playable on modern hardware.

The free version comes out ahead of the release StarCraft: Remastered. Scheduled to come out this summer, Blizzard promises the rerelease will bring StarCraft to the 21st century, allowing gamers to experience the original in 4K, without polishing out the “broken perfection” that made it so compelling in the first place.

According to Blizzard, owners of the original game and Remastered players will be able to play with each other online.

Download StarCraft, available on both PC and Mac, from the Blizzard website. The download includes both the original game and the superlative Brood War expansion.

Source: Blizzard