Tesla iOS and Android app update adds Powerwall support

Tesla Powerwall in home

Tesla’s iOS and Android apps received an update this week, providing users of the Tesla Powerwall energy storage system with information on their home electricity grids.

The Powerwall 2 is a giant battery similar to those found in Tesla’s electric cars. With it, homeowners are able to store 14kWh of energy per unit, which can power the average two-bedroom home for a full day. A built-in inverter allows the Powerwall to be connected to solar panels as well.

The app lets consumers monitor their Tesla products, including the Model S and Model X vehicles, solar panels and Powerwall. In real-time, users will receive such data as solar power generation, household energy consumption and battery power flow.

As well, in the event of a power grid outage, the app will also keep users notifying about current the current status of their Powerwall devices, including if the battery has backup power has kicked in. The amount of power given out by the home battery pack can also be adjusted.

Image credit: Flickr – Bryan Alexander