LinkedIn reaches 500 million users worldwide

LinkedIn Headquarters

LinkedIn now has half a billion members across 200 countries, the networking service announced Monday.

In a blog post, LinkedIn says this represents over 10 million active jobs, access to 9 million plus companies and more than 100,000 articles published every week.

According to LinkedIn, each connection made through its service reflects an average of 400 new people that users can get introduced to. Through these people, further connections can be made with 100 new relevant companies and average of over 500 jobs.

LinkedIn also released statistics on users in different countries and how many people they’re connected with, on average:

Top 5 most connected countries

  • United Arab Emirates (211 average connections)
  • Netherlands (188 average connections)
  • Singapore (152 average connections)
  • United Kingdon (144 average connections)
  • Denmark (143 average connections)

Top 5 most connected places

  • London, United Kingdom (307 average connections)
  • Amsterdam Area, Netherlands (288 average connections)
  • San Francisco Bay Area (241 average connections)
  • Greater Jakarta Area (225 average connections)
  • Milan Area, Italy (223 average connections)

Top 5 most connected industries

  • staffing and recruiting (702 average connections)
  • venture capital and private equity (423 average connections)
  • human resources (380 average connections)
  • management consulting (304 average connections)
  • online media (303 average connections)

Top 5 most connected job functions

  • human resources (415 average connections)
  • product management (324 average connections)
  • business development (283 average connections)
  • marketing (272 average connections)
  • consulting (244 average connections)

In the future, LinkedIn says it will add personalized insights into top connections and how they can help with career goals under the MyNetwork tab.

LinkedIn has even been used by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who used the platform to write about how Budget 2017 will affect Canadians.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons 

Source: LinkedIn