Apple to launch over 60 instructional programs in Apple Stores in May

Apple Store

Apple has announced “Today at Apple,” educational programs that will launch in all 495 Apple Stores across the world this May.

“Today at Apple” programming includes over 60 instructional sessions that are hands-on and free to attend. The programs will focus on the features of popular Apple products and are intended to be accessible for people across all skill levels and ages. Apple says these sessions will be led by highly-trained Apple team members, many of whom are “Creative Pros,” the “liberal arts equivalent to Apple’s technical Geniuses.”

For example, Apple says there are a variety of programs related to photography that can appeal to people of all skill levels. For beginners, there will be six “How To” sessions that cover related skills such as shooting, organizing and editing.

For more experienced photographers, Apple is offering “Photo Walks” that take customers outside of stores to develop more advanced techniques, including light and shadow, storytelling and portraits.

And finally, a “Photo Lab” session will feature accomplished photographers who will discuss their own perspectives and tips, including how to capture candids or building a brand on social media.

Some other programs that will be offered include:

  • “Kids Hour” teaches kids to code with Sphero toy robots, create music with the GarageBand app or make movies with one another through iMovie
  • “Perspectives and Performance,” available in select cities, which features “world-class” musicians, artists and photographers will discuss their creative processes and give live performances
  • “Studio Hours,” described as “Apple’s version of a professor’s office hours,” which are 90-minute sessions on topics ranging from documents and presentations to art and design
  • “Pro Series,” intended for advanced users, dives into Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X for tips on colour correction, grading, post-production, audio mixing, editing and more

To host the new programs, each store will receive some upgrades in the form of new mobile screens known as “Forum Displays,” updated seating and sound.

A new store is also being opened in the Middle East called the Apple Dubai Mall, which will offer a slew of programming including ‘Today at Apple.’

In other Apple educational news, the tech giant announced Monday that it’s launching Apple Teacher, a free instructional program designed to help teachers and students.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Apple