Leak reveals unusual 2011 Motorola gaming phone that was never finished

motorola gaming phone

Leaked images of a gaming-focused concept phone once designed by Motorola is drawing interest from mobile enthusiasts who say it should still see the light of day.

The leak, a gallery of photos, emerged via a Behance user named Ye Xu and received context in the form of a tweet from Evan Blass, eminent mobile tipster. In his tweet, Blass says the pictures are of a 2011 gaming phone that “never made it past the concept stage.”

The cherry red phone features a unique design, with a pop-up camera housed on its side along with two rear-facing speakers, a flash and a square with ‘3D’ written inside — whether or not this had a planned function or was just decorative is unclear.

Many Twitter users responded positively to the design when Blass tweeted it, with one writing, “It’s a fresh design. Even now. New internals and this thing will absolutely rock” and another stating “They should have finished this.”

What do you think of the concept phone? Should Motorola consider finishing this design? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Behance Via: Evan Blass