Google launches Android user study that aims to improve user experience

Android mascot

Google is reaching out to Android users to participate in a study designed to improve the operating system’s user experience.

In a post on its website, Google says it is looking for people of all levels of experience, not just those familiar with its latest technology.

Participants may be presented with anything from an existing product to a new feature, or even prototypes for upcoming technology. As well, they may be asked about particular daily habits or to keep a log of certain activity types over a certain period of time. Google doesn’t mention what this technology, or related habits/activities might be, but it says it will gather the feedback to help inform their creative and business plans in the future.

Participants will “receive a token of our appreciation for [their] cooperation, although Google didn’t detail what, exactly, this may be.

Those interested in participating in the study can fill out a questionnaire with their information here, with Google sending out invites accordingly to people it feels are a good fit for the study.

People will also have a choice in how they want to participate in the study, such as through video conferences, smartphone questionnaires or in-person at one of Google’s offices.

More information on the study can be found here.

An iPhone-based study was also made available recently for consumers, with Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital asking people to participate in furthering research on postpartum depression in women.